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What size UPS do I need to support my server room?

The UPS is determined by the load of the equipment to be supported. We supply any size UPS specific to your requirement.

How much is a solar system that can support my household equipment?

The customer needs to supply the models of the household equipment to be supported by the solar system and we design a system specific to the customer’s requirement.

What do I need to know about Power Control Systems?

  • Ensure that your equipment and data is protected through the various types of APC Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) International Power Control Systems offers: Standby, Line Interactive, Standby-Ferro, Double Conversion Online and Delta Conversion On-line.


  • Our APC containment solutions can eliminate hot spots and provide energy savings over traditional uncontained data centre designs.


  • Protect your network-critical infrastructure from physical and environmental threats using Environmental, Security Access Control and Device Control monitoring appliances.


  • Full range of options and accessories available from the world’s most versatile rack enclosure for demanding IT environments.


  • Regulate the level of voltage for your various types of equipment and protect them from damage as a result of inconsistent power supply.


  • Reduce cost, improve throughput, enhance quality and increase profit in your mining operations through Integrated Planning, Management and Optimization software.


  • For easy integration into existing or new installations, high reliability and performance, reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and a complete range of services dedicated to industry and utility applications.


  • APC introduced the first Rack PDU with high power density and switchable outlets.


  • Access your servers across the room or across the world with our APC LCD monitors and KVM switches.


  • Watch videos on your flight from New York to Tokyo or listen to music during and outdoor adventure. APC’s mobile power packs keep your mobile devices charged so that you stay connected throughout life’s journeys.


  • We support Power Control and Renewable Energy products throughout Malawi and our capacity enables us to respond rapidly to fault calls, and offer guaranteed response times to our contract clients.


  • Use Schneider Electric’s innovative process automation systems to help you make the right decisions at the right time, leading to increased uptime for your whole plant and more productivity for your enterprise.